The strategies for achieving competitive advantages justification at JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz" on the light petroleum products market of Ukraine

Students Name: Pryyma Iryna Anatoliivna
Qualification Level: magister
Speciality: Marketing
Institute: Institute of Economics and Management
Mode of Study: part
Academic Year: 2022-2023 н.р.
Language of Defence: ukrainian
Abstract: In scientific sources, in relation to the enterprise, external and internal competitive advantages are distinguished [1, p. 75]. In order to obtain them, enterprises on the market can use the following strategies [2, 3, p. 408]: cost minimization, differentiation and focus on market segment needs. Justification of the company’s competitive strategy is a rather time-consuming stage that involves collecting and processing significant amounts of information about the company and its marketing environment [4, p. 48-49, 5]. The implementation of strategies to achieve competitive advantages of the enterprise in the market is achieved primarily through the components of its marketing activity [3, p. 406]. Study object – the competitive advantages of JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz" in the market of light petroleum products of Ukraine and the strategy for achieving them. Scope of research – the theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation and implementation of a strategy for achieving competitive advantages of the enterprise in the conditions of a rapidly changing marketing environment. Goal of research: analysis of the marketing activity of JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz" in the market of light petroleum products of Ukraine from the point of view of the formation of its competitive advantages in this market, justification of the strategy for their further maintenance and strengthening, and marketing measures for its implementation. The research findings. JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz", which owns the OKKO gas station network, is one of the largest Ukrainian gas stations in Ukraine, characterized by a clear orientation towards the use of the concept of socially responsible marketing. In the market, this company is focused on the implementation of a differentiation strategy, offering a wide product range, high-quality imported fuel at higher prices, a high level of customer service in accordance with clearly defined standards of their service, related goods and services at its gas stations. Within the scope of using this strategy to achieve competitive advantages, JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz" actively conducts marketing communications in social networks, constantly updating its pages, with the aim of increasing the value of brands - advertising on the YouTube platform, implements sponsorship activities in the social and military spheres, has a well-developed loyalty program, the implementation of which involves a number of partners and a well-developed and user-friendly website of AZK OKKO. The market of light petroleum products is decisive for every country, significantly influencing all sectors of the economy and the standard of living of citizens. Its development in Ukraine is characterized by the following features: rising fuel prices, seasonality of demand, significant dependence on imported supplies (mainly from Belarus and Russia in recent years, and limited from EU countries), sellers on the market use primarily non-price competition tools. Today, almost 40% of all high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel in our country are sold by only three large chains operating under such brands as WOG and OKKO, as well as UKRNAFTA. During the first six months from the start of the war in 2022, Ukraine increased its fuel imports 12 times, satisfying market demand. During this period, our country received 95% of imported gasoline, as well as 72% of diesel fuel, from EU countries. The results of the consumer survey showed that among the most popular types of fuel in Ukraine, gasoline A 95 and diesel fuel prevail. For 88,8% of respondents, it is important that the quality of fuel meets Euro standards. The choice of gas stations by customers is most influenced by their convenient location and the level of fuel in the tank. The most popular gas station chains for the respondents are OKKO and WOG gas station chains. Among the additional services at gas stations, the most popular are the purchase of food and drinks, free Wi-Fi, the purchase of food and non-food products, parking and car washing. According to the results of the conducted expert survey, the following should be the priority measures within the framework of the implementation of the differentiation strategy to strengthen the competitive advantages of JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz": conducting advertising campaigns on the Internet to maintain the OKKO brand; attraction of new foreign fuel suppliers; conducting charity lotteries, contests and quizzes in social networks; continuation of the programs of providing lubricants and fuel materials to the Armed Forces, procurement of drones, equipment, and cars for the military; providing the opportunity to get advice from an auto mechanic at a gas station. Key words: market of light petroleum products, gas station network, competitive advantages, marketing activity, competitiveness, differentiation strategy. References. 1. Rozhko N. Ya. Stratehii dosiahnennia konkurentnykh perevah vyrobnykiv na rynku ovochiv ta fruktiv. Ahrosvit. 2020. № 3. S. 73–79. 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