Diplomas directory

Title Author Qualification Level Academic Year Speciality Institute
4561 The impact of the state environmental policy on the state of the social environment and the health of the population Mandryha Oleh magister 2022-2023 Environmental Control and Audit ISD
4562 The influence of macro-environmental factors on the financial stability of LLC "KPMG Ukraine" Hryhoruk Hanna Yuriivna magister 2022-2023 Finance, Banking and Insurance IEM
4563 The influence of passenger flow indicators on the functional state of the bus driver Dziubka Yaroslav Volodymyrovych master (ESP) 2022-2023 Smart transport and logistics for cities IMET
4564 The influence of temperature parameters of the working area on the regulation of work performance Lazor Volodymyr Volodymyrovych magister 2022-2023 Industrial and Occupational Safety ISD
4565 The information system for the formation of semantic data about the weakly structured subject area Levus Roman Rostyslavovych magister 2022-2023 Information Systems and Technologies ICSIT
4566 The intelligent prosthesis of upper limbs research Kopot Ruslan Volodymyrovych magister 2022-2023 Information Technologies in Instrument Engineering ICTA
4567 The interpretation of the image of the Motanka doll in graphic design Babkina Bohdanna Ihorivna master (ESP) 2022-2023 Design IARD
4568 The investigation of earth structures parameters with retaining walls on steep slopes using BIM system Yaroshevych Taras Volodymyrovych master (ESP) 2022-2023 Building and Civil Engineering CEBS
4569 The load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete beams operated in difficult conditions Finenko Arsen master (ESP) 2022-2023 Building and Civil Engineering CEBS
4570 The marketing activity improvement at PE «A. T. Consulting» in the consulting services market Kachmar Sofiia Andriivna magister 2022-2023 Marketing IEM
4571 The marketing potential development at JSC "Idea Bank" and priority directions for increasing its effectiveness Babych Oleksandra Volodymyrivna magister 2022-2023 Marketing IEM
4572 The mechanism for implementing Key Performance Indicator into the personnel management system of T-Company LLC Tkachuk Andrii magister 2022-2023 Human Resource Management and Labor Economics IEM
4573 The mechanism for improving the financial condition of PJSC "Omega Plant" Shurdak Oleh Vasylovych magister 2022-2023 Finance, Banking and Insurance IEM
4574 The mechanism of rational cost management of "Visazh-Zakhid" LLC Khimiak Marian Ihorovych magister 2022-2023 Finance, Banking and Insurance IEM
4575 The operation analysis of a boiler house of 1.0 MW capacity with biomass use. Mykhaliuk Oleksandr Valeriyovich magister 2022-2023 Heat and Power Engineering IPEC