Diplomas directory

Title Author Qualification Level Academic Year Speciality Institute
1 A Methodology for Analyzing National Security Threats in the Realities of Hybrid Warfare Kaflyk Iryna Ivanivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 International Information IMFS
2 An algorithm for managing contemporary conflicts in the world: experience for Ukraine Shpytok Oleksandra Askoldivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 International Information IMFS
3 Artistic interpretation of the content of Ukrainian folk songs in modern book design Bondarenko Oleksandra Pavlivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
4 Autonomous System for the Detection of Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Leakage. From Design To Testing Tarasenko Lev Oleksandrovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering ITRE
5 Concepts of optical illusions in the design of modern residential interiors Chernychuk Olena Petrivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
6 Copywriting in the Structure of Modern Marketing Communications (on the Example of the Service Sector) Zaitseva Zoriana Ihorivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 International Information IMFS
7 Creation of educational and technological platforms of innovative structures of universities Bobak Yuliia Ihorivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Economics IEM
8 Design of switched reluctance motor with external rotor and capacity storage for wheel drive of electric vehicle Vano Vasyl Romanovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics IPEC
9 Development integration of the Swiss International style in modern web design. Tanavska Iryna Andriivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
10 Electromagnetic compatibility study of the power supply scheme for a small capacity arc furnace with using the «constant voltage – constant current» converter Liubytskyi Maksym Oleksandrovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics IPEC
11 Features of the composition formation of showcases design in fashion boutiques Liudkevych Khrystyna Bohdanivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
12 Financial and organizational principles of sports development in Lviv Polytechnic Birher Davyd Valeriiovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Economics IEM
13 Formation of innovative infrastructure of Lviv Polytechnic Science Park Danylovych Olena Tarasivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Economics IEM
14 Graphic interpretation of Gothic in postmodernism Zakharchuk Maryna Yuriivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
15 Impact of functioning quality of urban passenger transport system on the passenger`s functional state Prykhodko Vsevolod Eduardovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Smart transport and logistics for cities IMET