Modern Architectural Theoies and Doctrines

Major: City Planning and Urban Design
Code of subject: 7.191.02.O.009
Credits: 3.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Doctor of Science, Prof. Svitlana Linda
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: To have knowledge of basic concepts, terms and meanings, the language of professional communication in the field of architecture and urban planning, to adhere to the norms of academic integrity; Understand the social role of architectural activities, provide responsibility for the effectiveness and consequences of decision-making in the field of architecture and urban planning in compliance with the basics of professional ethics; Conduct research and / or innovation activities, apply traditional and innovative methods of designing and conducting research; Identify stages and directions of historical development of architectural phenomena, critically evaluate, study trends and processes in architectural theory and practice, reconstruction and renovation of architectural and urban planning facilities, interior design; Develop theoretical, typological approaches to solving problems of formation and development of architectural and urban environment based on the systematization of natural, humanities and technical sciences
Required prior and related subjects: Project process technology The architectural design of a public building Modern concepts and innovations in architecture and urban planning Comprehensive research of architectural and urban planning object
Summary of the subject: In the process of studying the discipline "Modern Architectural Theories and Doctrines" students of the second level of higher education - Master of Architecture and Urban Planning, master the necessary knowledge about the role and place of architectural theory in the development of architectural activities in general and its importance for society. approaches in the formation of new architectural trends and styles. While working on presentations, master's students develop the ability to independently analyze existing architectural concepts and approaches, the ability to independently systematize and summarize existing theoretical experience in architecture, build scientific hypotheses and models, summarize and design results. The content of the discipline is developed on the basis of relevant requirements for the preparation of masters of architecture and urban planning to perform innovative research in the theory of architecture, for teaching in the specialty, for developing the architectural part of complex projects for various purposes. Considerable attention is paid to the terminological basis of modern architectural theory.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: conducting a sample oral interview at lectures, evaluating the presentation of the student, participation in the discussion. The grade is the sum of the points scored by the student for the current work during the semester. Final control: test control in VNS NULP, exam.
Recommended books: Electronic educational and methodical complex "Modern architectural theories and doctrines" / S.M. Linda, O.M. Оконченко. - Lviv: VNS NU "Lviv Polytechnic" (certificate № 03065,) Черкес Б.С., Лінда С.М. Архітектура сучасності: остання третина ХХ – початок ХХІ століть: Навчальний посібник. Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2014. 384 с. Білоконь Ю.М., Фомін І.О. Наука і творчість в архітектурі. К.: Логос, 2006. 208 с. Габрель М.М. Просторова організація містобудівних систем. К.: Видавничий дім А.С.С., 2004. 400 с. Иконников А.В. Архитектура ХХ века: утопии и реальность. Т.І. – М.: Прогресс, 2001. 656с. Иконников А.В. Архитектура ХХ века: утопии и реальность. Т.ІІ. – М.: Прогресс, 2002. 672с. Кармазин Ю. И. Творческий метод архитектора: введение в теоретические и методические основы. Воронеж : Изд-во Воронеж. гос. ун-та, 2005. 496 с. Посацький Б.С. Простір міста і міська культура (на зламі ХХ–ХХІ ст.). Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2007. 208 с. Посацький Б.С. та ін. Архітектурний образ міста: Навчальний посібник. Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2019. 140 с. Стародубцева Л. Архітектура постмодернізму. – К.:Спалах, 1998. 208. Товбич В.В., Сисойлов М.В. Архітектура: мистецтво та наука. Т. 1. Становлення та розвиток процесів і явищ архітектури. К.: Свідлер, 2007. 1020 с. Фомін І.О. Основи теорії містобудування : підруч – К. : Наук. думка, 1997. 191 с. Steel J. Architecture today. – Rhaidon Press Limited, 1997. 511p. Jenks Ch. Architecture today. – New York, 1988. 279 р.