Master’s Thesis Preparation

Major: City Planning and Urban Design
Code of subject: 7.191.02.O.017
Credits: 10.50
Department: Urban Planning and Design
Lecturer: Ph.D., Prof. Petryshyn Halyna
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities sufficient for successful performance of professional duties in specialty 191 "Architecture and urban planning" with specialization in urban planning and prepare students for further employment chosen profession.
Завдання: The task of the course is to prepare the student for the defense of the master's qualification work The study of an educational discipline involves the formation of education seekers required competencies: Integral competence (INT) - The ability to solve research problems and innovative nature in the field of architecture and urban planning General competencies (KZ): - ZK02. Ability to communicate in the state language both orally and in writing; - ZK07. Knowledge and understanding of the subject area and professional understanding activity
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes according to the educational program, learning methods and teaching, methods of evaluating the achievement of learning outcomes Program learning outcomes (LP): PH08. Organize work on complex architectural and urban planning projects, cooperation with customers and the public in the development, coordination and public discussion of architectural projects; it is understandable to convey one's own conclusions and argumentation to specialists and non-specialists. PH09. Apply energy-efficient and other innovative technologies at conducting scientific architectural and urban planning studies and acceptance complex architectural and urban planning solutions.
Required prior and related subjects: Modern architectural theories and doctrines Completion of CP on the topic of master's qualification work. Architectural design (KP) Completion of master's qualification work. Theory of urban planning (comprehensive study)
Summary of the subject: "Defense of master's thesis" is the final stage of implementation an independent final research paper that performs a qualifying function, and public defense and obtaining an academic master's degree. The main task of the student - to demonstrate the level of one's scientific qualification, the ability to conduct scientific research independently search and solve specific scientific tasks. Master's qualification work has a generalizing character, as it is a kind of summary of master's training, and is an independent original scientific the student's research, in the development of which institutions, organizations or enterprises are interested, at the same time, the student organizes the accumulated scientific facts at his own discretion and proves them their scientific value or practical significance. The design and graphic part shows the possibilities of implementing the obtained theoretical ones provisions in specific project proposals. Composition, scale of drawings, their composition locations are agreed with the supervisor. Submission of materials on tablets should to have a logical order and develop in a structured way from highlighting the relevance of the issue to ways to solve it.
Опис: Forming a note to the MKR: scientific and research part the work should have: content; introduction; content part; conclusions; a list of terms (if necessary), a list of references; applications: drawings, schemes, examples of experience, etc. The text of the term paper also contains photographs, drawings, diagrams, graphs, numbered tables. Volume - min. 60-70 pages. (see methodical instructions to Execution of MKR) 1. Anti-plagiarism check 2. Printing and binding of the note to the MKR. Formation of the exposition part - a scaled printout of 10 square meters. 3. Sending the ICR to the reviewer for review and to the manager to perform feedback. 4. Making a presentation in PowerPoint and a presentation video. 20 20 Preparation of the text of the report. 5. Submission of all elements of the MKR to the EC secretary for protection PROTECTION according to the announced order of protection and form of protection (off or online)
Assessment methods and criteria: In the electronic archive of the MB department before the defense in the folder with the student's last name a number of files are loaded: File 1 - note (A - theoretical and analytical part, B - architectural and design part), which contains the text part and all illustrations (photos, drawings, calculation graphic tasks, diagrams), according to the requirements in *.pdf format, average 70 pages. (up to 5 mb). File 2 – layout of graphic material in a scaled format of 10 square meters, (A3) File 3, 4 - PowerPoint presentation and presentation video. File 5 - ICR reviews You can also download other materials that characterize scientific and practical value of completed master's work: - printed articles on the topic of work, - documents indicating the practical application of the work, etc.
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: At a closed meeting, the EC issues an assessment of the submitted project as a total assessment received from all EC members. The grade is recorded in the minutes of the EC meeting and the student's record book (diploma). The evaluation is solemnly announced to the group of students at the end of the defense by the head of the EC.
Recommended books: Навчально-методичне забезпечення 1. Містобудування : метод. вказівки до виконання магістерської кваліфікаційної роботи для студентів ОПП «Містобудування» спеціальності 191 «Архітектура та містобудування» // ГП Петришин, ЮВ Ідак. - Львів : Вид-во Львів. політехніки, 2021 (електронний ресурс) 2. Містобудування : метод. вказівки до захисту магістерської кваліфікаційної роботи для студентів ОПП «Містобудування» спеціальності 191 «Архітектура та містобудування» // ГП Петришин, Є.І. Король. - Львів : Вид-во Львів. політехніки, 2021 (електронний ресурс)