Renovation of Buildings

Major: Restoration of Monuments of Architecture and Town Planning and Reconstruction of Architectural Objects
Code of subject: 7.191.04.O.3
Credits: 3.00
Department: Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage
Lecturer: docent - Yurij Dubyk assistent, PhD Arch. - Kaplins`ka Marjana
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: • Knowledge of the typology and classification of historical buildings and the principles of their comprehensive research; • knowledge of the latest technologies of field research and computer modeling of historical architectural objects; • knowledge of methods and practice of renovation (restoration) of historic buildings, the specifics of building materials and technologies in the restoration and reconstruction of architectural objects, elements of their architectural structure; • knowledge in the field of state policy of spatial planning, basic problems of spatial planning and regional development, solving problems of preserving the historical and architectural environment of the historic city; • ability to form a project restoration idea and consistently develop it during project development, to provide in the project solutions of architectural-compositional and actual social and ecological problems of creating a healthy, accessible and comfortable environment in the historical space; • apply current methods, techniques and technologies of renovation (restoration) of architectural and urban planning objects in the course of design work, including compositional modeling and computer design; • ability to defend the adopted project decisions at meetings of advisory, scientific-methodical, town-planning councils of state and local monument-protection institutions
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisite: Architectural design (Reconstruction residential building), Reconstruction and restoration of architectural objects, protection of architectural monuments, Technologies in the restoration of buildings and their artistic structure. Co-requisite: Modern concepts and innovations in architecture and urban planning (KP), Comprehensive research and scientific principles regeneration of historical town-planning complexes and ensembles of architectural-town-planning object, Methodology of scientific-design process of preservation of the historical city.
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Renovation of buildings" is based on the following sections - preliminary study of the design object, research work with the object, study of scientific and practical principles of restoration design of ensembles of architectural monuments, formation of the concept and implementation of restoration projects of monumental urban complexes
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (25%) Examination - written (graphic) component (25%); - oral component, work protection (50%).
Recommended books: Educational and methodical support 1. Pry`byega L.V.,. Oxorona ta restavraciya ob'yektiv arxitekturno-mistobudivnoyi spadshhy`ny` Ukrayiny`: metodologichny`j aspekt. 2009 2. Konservaciya i restavraciya pam'yatok arxitektury`. Metody`chny`j posibny`k. Ukrrestavraciya. Ky`yiv-L`viv. 1996. 3. Pry`byega L.V. Kam'yane zodchestvo Ukrayiny`. Oxorona ta restavraciya. – K., 1993. Recommended Books Basic 1. Voloshy`necz` V. A., Bevz M. V. Restavracijne materialoznavstvo. Vy`davny`cztvo: L`vivs`ka politexnika. 2017. 2. Pry`byega L.V.,. Istory`chni arealy` poselen`: sutnist` ta metodologichni zasady` oxorony`. Ukrayins`ka akademiya my`stecztva. Vy`p. 8., 2001, s. 113-130. 3. Texnichna ekspluataciya, rekonstrukciya i modernizaciya budivel` : navch. posibny`k dlya vy`shiv / A. I. Gavry`lyak, I. B. Bazarny`k, R. I. Kinash, M. V. Kotiv ; za red. A. I. Gavry`lyaka. – L`viv : Vy`davny`cztvo L`vivs`koyi politexniky`, 2006. 4. Piotr Kozarski. Konserwacja domu. Polskie stowarzyszenie mykologow budownictwa. Wroclaw.1997. 5. Borusiewicz W. Konserwacja zabytkow budownictwa murowanego. – Warszawa, 1985. 6. Malachowicz E. Konserwacja i rewaloryzacja architektury w zespolach I krajobrazie – Wroclaw, 1994. Supporting literature 1. Volody`my`r Vujcy`k. LEOPOLITANA . /VNTL-Klasy`ka.- L`viv. 2012. 2. Volody`my`r Vujcy`k. LEOPOLITANA /VNTL-Klasy`ka.- L`viv. 2013