Diplomas directory

Title Author Qualification Level Academic Year Speciality Institute
4501 Substantiation of land management works on the allocation of land for the maintenance of a military town in the Lviv region Kozerema Marta Andriivna magister 2022-2023 Land Management and Cadastre IGD
4502 Supply chain resilience and flexibility research and optimization of transport and logistics activities of «VIS Auto Group» LLC Shevchuk Olesia Andriivna master (ESP) 2022-2023 Management IEM
4503 Sustainable development in the architecture of technoparks. Puneiko Nazar Mykolaiovych master (ESP) 2022-2023 Architecture and Town Planning IARD
4504 Synchronous motor condition monitoring recommendation system Soprun Oleh Viktorovych magister 2022-2023 Systems and Methods of Decision Making ICSIT
4505 Synthesis of Ag-Au nanostructures by galvanic replacement Lapa Anastasiia Viktorivna master (ESP) 2022-2023 Chemical Technology and Engineering ICCT
4506 System for processing customer complaints related to the cable network quality at Leoni Wiring Systems UA GMBH according to the 8-D report methodology Hnydyn Halyna magister 2022-2023 Quality, Standardization and Certification ICTA
4507 System load testing simulator for web service performance prediction and analysis Toch Rostyslav Volodymyrovych magister 2022-2023 Software Engineering ICSIT
4508 System of analysis and provision of recommendations for pre-medical care Boshtan Anastasiia Olehivna magister 2022-2023 Data Science ICSIT
4509 System of automated planning of passenger transportation logistics Stepaniuk Yaroslav Oleksandrovych magister 2022-2023 Software Engineering ICSIT
4510 System of ecological monitoring of the environment using neural networks and time series Sulymka Roman magister 2022-2023 Software Engineering ICSIT
4511 System of monitoring and analysis of reviews in social networks for purchase recommendations Tverdokhlib Yurii Petrovych magister 2022-2023 Data Science ICSIT
4512 System of recommendations analysis in case of emergencies Tuz Ostap Ihorovych magister 2022-2023 Data Science ICSIT
4513 Systems for monitoring and evaluating the quality of selected parameters of the electric network Odanchuk Vladyslav Viktorovych magister 2022-2023 Informatively-Instrumentation Technologies in Roboticotekhnic ICTA
4514 Systems of collection, processing and transmission of electrical energy accounting data Kleshko Anna Serhiivna magister 2022-2023 Quality, Standardization and Certification ICTA
4515 TCP Stack Optimization for Network Performance Improvement in Cloud Infrastructure Sheremeta Oleksandr Vitaliiovych master (ESP) 2022-2023 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering ITRE