Diplomas directory

Title Author Qualification Level Academic Year Speciality Institute
4561 The reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions while operating in the boiler units TP-100 at the Burshtyn TPP. Mushtuk Olena magister 2022-2023 Heat and Power Engineering IPEC
4562 The reliability analysis of equipment of the 200 MW power unit at the Burshtyn TPP. Shmatko Maksym magister 2022-2023 Heat and Power Engineering IPEC
4563 The reliability analysis of the high-pressure regeneration system of the K-1000-60/1500 turbine. Shmatko Ivan Dmytrovych magister 2022-2023 Heat and Power Engineering IPEC
4564 The reliability and maneuverability increase of the PT-60-130/13 turbine unit having transferred to the heating operation mode at the Bila Tserkivska TPP. Rymaruk Taras Anatoliiovych magister 2022-2023 Heat and Power Engineering IPEC
4565 The research and improvement of logistics at LLC TPС «Lvivkholod» on the retail market Popova Yana Vitaliivna magister 2022-2023 Logistics IEM
4566 The reserch of design Technological parameters for reliability connections for tungsten carbide inset cutter with cone Vyshnevskyi Oleksandr Ihorovych magister 2022-2023 Mechanical Engineering Technologies IMET
4567 The role of light and form in creating a modern monochrome interior Poliukhovych Alina Oleksandrivna magister 2022-2023 Design IARD
4568 The role of social and communication technologies in transforming the political consciousness of young people in modern Ukraine Luchechko Yuliia Bohdanivna magister 2022-2023 Sociology IHSS
4569 The Russian-Ukrainian war through the prism of essays and artistic reports: the problem of the spread of genres and their theoretical identification Berendii Yurii Serhiiovych magister 2022-2023 Journalism IJPS
4570 The Russo-Ukrainian war in the mirror of Polish online media: the main themes and dominant genres Marchuk Iryna Pavlivna magister 2022-2023 Journalism IJPS
4571 The strategies for achieving competitive advantages justification at JSC "Concern Galnaftogaz" on the light petroleum products market of Ukraine Pryyma Iryna Anatoliivna magister 2022-2023 Marketing IEM
4572 The study of the active zone of channel water-water reactors. Hilianchuk Kateryna Volodymyrivna magister 2022-2023 Nuclear Рower Еngineering IPEC
4573 The study of the turbine operation within No. 2 power unit at the Khmelnytsky NPP with the K-1000-60/3000 turbine at intermediary loads. Novitskyi Andrii Mykhailovych magister 2022-2023 Heat and Power Engineering IPEC
4574 The tourist services of Ukraine market research and marketing activities improvement at "Tourist Firm "Sputnik" Ltd on it using Internet marketing tools Vynohradska Yuliia magister 2022-2023 Internet-Marketing IEM
4575 The trends in the urban passenger transportation industry development research and improvement of the marketing policy of HСЕ "Electrotrans" Melnychuk Kateryna Yaroslavivna magister 2022-2023 Marketing IEM