Art Works' Polychromie

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.12
Credits: 4.00
Department: Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage
Lecturer: PhD. Art. Getmanchuk Sergij
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline the student must demonstrate the following learning outcomes: • know the theoretical foundations of the discipline "Polychromy of works of art"; • master the basic stylistic features of different types of polychromy; • to acquire practical skills in the study of polychromy in sculpture and architecture; • apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the field of restoration of works of art from stone and in solving creative tasks. The study of the discipline involves the formation and development of students' competencies: general: • Ability to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis; • Study of visual literacy, formation of artistic and aesthetic tastes and individual and creative characteristics of students; • Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations. • Ability to process and analyze information from a variety of sources, make informed decisions and solve problems. professional: • Ability to distinguish between different techniques of polychromy in works of art; • Ability to generate author's innovative searches in the practice of contemporary art; • Ability to apply basic knowledge to characterize the materials of architectural monuments and substances used during their operation and restoration. The learning outcomes of this discipline detail the following program learning outcomes: • Basic knowledge in the field of basics of theory, methods of research and restoration of polychrome in works of art; • Knowledge of the features of materials and techniques of polychromy; • Ability to reproduce the color scheme of the monument through the integration of knowledge and practical skills from different arts, traditional techniques and new technologies.
Required prior and related subjects: Prequisite: History of Decorative and Applied Arts, Restorative Materials Science, Fundamentals of Sculpture. Co-requisite: Restoration of a work of art from natural stone, Fundamentals of sculpture.
Summary of the subject: "Polychromy of works of art" is based on the study of techniques and technologies of polychromy and methods of its study. The study of the discipline is a method of sequential teaching of material in the form of thematic blocks, which are revealed during the practical work on the tasks.
Assessment methods and criteria: Credit: Current control - practical work (40%); independent work (30%). Written component (30%)
Recommended books: Pry`byega L.V. Osnovы metody`ky` y`ssledovany`ya pamyatny`kov arxy`tekturы. Uchebnoe posoby`e. – Ky`ev, 1988. – 59 s. Arxy`tekturnыe detaly`: al`bom. – M., Akademy`ya arxy`tekturы SSSR, 1946-1947. – 70 s. Grube, Kuchmar. Putevody`tel` po arxy`tekturnыm formam.- M.:Strojy`zdat, 1990.- 213 s. Koky`n A.D., Turby`n N.Y`. Chasty` zdany`j y` y`x arxy`tekturnaya otdelka (posoby`e dlya xudozhestvenno-remeslenыx uchy`ly`shh) – M., y`zdatel`stvo y` ty`ppografy`ya trudrezervy`zdata, 1949.- 188 s. Pry`byega L.V. Metody`ka oxorony` ta restavraciyi pamyatok narodnogo zodchestva Ukrayiny`. – Ky`yiv, 1997. – 143 s. Baranovsky`j E.Yu. Naturnыe y`ssledovany`ya pamyatny`kov arxy`tekturы. Metody`chesky`e rekomendacy`y`. – Moskva 1993. Dick Parry. Niezwtkla technika starozytnosci – Amber, Warszawa 2006 – 283 p. Sculpture. From Antiquity to Present Day – Taschen, 2006 – 1152 p.